About Eve Philosophy

Our Background:

Eve’s Philosophy Bridal Collection is a wedding gown fashion institute located at Taman Tun Aminah in Skudai. Established in 2004 as Isac Bridal Boutique Sdn Bhd, management has decided to rename our bridal collection and photography company to elevate the brand position and products to another level, hence on Valentine’s Day of 2008 we officially announced the change of name to Eve’s Philosophy Bridal Collection. The company proudly presents wedding gown collection exclusively for graceful women by beauty experts as its direction and ideology.

In the era of rapid fashion development, consumers fall only for product quality and not the concept of photography or any marketing gimmick. The truth is good and solid products with sincere service are the factors behind customer retention.

The reason behind its success in running an ideal bridal collection house and ability to achieve sustainability, the company has fulfilled many demands with top notch products and outstanding services ever since its establishment in 2004. Eve’s Philosophy Bridal Collection holds dear to our reputation and always seeks for the perfect style, using exquisite classics in photography art to present the trendy yet elegant style of Eve’s Philosophy. We blend great service, reasonable price and refined art with flawless personal image and unique style to produce a contemporary work of art with international standards, creating wonderful memories for all our newly-weds. This soon has become the word of mouth for the people of Malaysia as we garnered uncountable compliments in our road to success.

Five-Hearts Business Ideology:

Focused on offering the highest products quality and service to our huge family of clients. To us, there is always a point to pick up and learn from everybody as all of us are great   teachers amongst ourselves. At Eve’s Philosophy we are always focused on everything we do as we always hold ourselves accountable on things we did and decisions we made. We communicate and respect everyone’s opinion. We care about our employees’ development and learning curves too, helping them plan their career path ahead to ensure their eventual success.