Actual Day Wedding Package

It’s your big day. Everything has been planned nicely beforehand. You have consulted a few people and made sure that you have enough buffer to adhere to the auspicious timing.

Surely, you wouldn’t want hiccups on the day that is beyond your control, for example, late or uncontactable makeup artist, photographer, videographer or driver. All members of the crew are extremely important.

Here in Eve philosophy, we strive to be the partner in your wedding success. You deal with only one point of contact who takes care of everything else, instead of liaising with many parties. What’s more, you enjoy significant savings in our package offering.

We function like an orchestra where one member’s input is synchronized with another’s to play the perfect tune.  Without you knowing and sweating one drop, the tune runs on in the background smoothly and soothingly, to the satisfaction of everyone.

A) Actual Day Make-up & Hairstyling

  • Including Make-Up And Hair Styling for Morning & Dinner sessions
  • Exclude Amp & Eyelash Styling

B) Photo Shooting The Wedding Day

  • 10-hr Photo Shooting for full day, including:
    7Am – 12pm (Morning) & 6.30Pm – 10.30Pm (Dinner)
  • Including 4R – 200 Sheets
  • Including 4R Pocket Album
  • Photo Slide Show Design(2 Song)
  • Including burning of raw wedding photos into CD-R

C) Video Shooting The Wedding Day

  • 10-hr Video Shooting for full day, including:
    7Am – 12pm (Morning) & 6.30Pm – 10.30Pm (Dinner)
  • Including Video editing for both sessions
  • Including Video (5-6 mins) to be shown at Dinner Hall
  • Including Full Day Video DVD – 2 Set

D) Wedding Car & Venue Decorations

  • Wedding Car Rental with driver
  • Wedding Car Decoration
  • Hand Bouquet & Venue Flower Decorations

E) Chinese Traditional Wedding Accessories Preparation

Actual Day Wedding Gallery