Pre-Wedding Package

Booking hotel, trying on wedding dress, inviting friends & relatives are among some of the many things you have to do leading to your wedding.

Wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion! Don’t let the pre-wedding preparations become a burden and stress you out!  Your job is to maintain a jovial mood and good health prior to wedding so as to be in tip-top condition on your big day. Don’t forget you are the star of the show.

Here in eve philosophy, we are your supporting cast. We run behind the scenes to ensure what you need are all taken care of. Rest assured, there’s no NG on the day.

A. Pre-wedding Photography:

  • Wedding Album
  • Digital Design Photo Album
  • Large Wedding Photo With Frame
  • Table Top Photo With Frame
  • Small Album With Same set of photos
  • Photo as Thank You Card
  • Dvd Slide Show

B. Studio Photography:

  • White Wedding gown
  • Evening gown
  • Traditional Costume (eg. Chinese Cheongsam)
  • Groom suits
  • Make-Up & Hair-Do Design
  • Bridal Jewellery & Accessories set including Necklace & Ear rings

C. Actual Day Preparation:

  • White Wedding Gown-1
  • Evening Gown-2 sets
  • Groom Suits – 2 sets
  • Bridal Car Decorations
  • Hand bouquet And Two Corsages
  • Bridal Accessories

Why choose Eve Philosophy?

Marriage is not just a piece of paper to legalize the relationship. And wedding is not just a ceremony to announce your love. It is a journey to bring two stranger from bitter to sweet, a bitter & sweet process to prove your love. With this, Eve Philosophy brings a new element to our pre-wedding package. On top of indoor/studio, outdoor and overseas, we introduce Storyline theme to our pre-wedding package family. We will listen to the love story of the couple or plot a story for them and make a series of interesting shooting to reflect the story. With this storyline, what Eve Philosophy gives you is not only just a set of beautiful photos, yet it will be a set of memory that will last long in your mind. Memory of pre-wedding should not be created for you but with you.