Life of Love


Today I fully and unconditionally give you my all.

I choose you above all others and become your wife.


I marry you because I love you, and I feel loved by you.

You hold me so tight but make me so free.


I choose you because you’re the best part of my day, and those days together make my life lovely.

Yet we give ourselves to one another because we believe the best days are yet to come.


You will kiss me in the morning and I will kiss you back in the evening.

In the long kiss between I will continue to seek the love, purpose and happiness that surrender me to you.


Today I commit to make every pleasure and sorrow a means not to separate us but to reveal how we might love each other anew.


When moments of trouble come, I promise to hope and to wait for us to find each other again.

Let all the days before such times stand as a reminder and a beacon.


My life until now has let me find you, the rest of my life I will keep you.