Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You have seen photo shoots of movie stars and celebrities.

It’s your turn now to be the star of your movie.  Every couple has their own story- happy moments, challenging times and shared memories & dreams.   Instead of writing it down, why not let photos tell your story?

Pre-wedding photoshoot is a time for you to unleash your creativity.  There’s no boundaries to what you can do with pre-wedding shoots! Some examples include:

  • Have a common favorite movie? Make yourself the hero & heroine in one of the scenes
  • Go back to the place where you met, be it in school, club or restaurant
  • Unforgettable moment? recreate it
  • Common favorite game? Time to dress up

No ideas? Fret not. Let us think for you.   All you need to do is tell us your love story.

We seek to recreate the story through photos so that memories will bubble up immediately when you look at it decades later.

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Why us?

  1. Unless you are a model and are in front of the camera all the time, chances are you will feel awkward. Our warm and casual photographer makes you feel comfortable during the shoot so as to capture nice photos
  2. Creative photoshoot that is bound to bring lasting memories
  3. 10 years of experience of taking pictures at countless backdrops has developed our gut feel on creating the perfect set for your photos
  4. Collaborative approach to photoshoot, as we believe that the memories should not be created for you, but with you