Bridal gown is an art exclusively for women whose weddings bells are ringing.


“Bridal gown design” is an art being done by simple abstract components such as passion and love from a couple and is the medium to bring out the meaning of their affection. Wedding gowns have with them many a meaning. They represent the luxury attire of love which provide us warmth and encouragement. They adorn women to be the most beautiful person in the most important moment in their lives and hence the memory they will always cherish. They also represent a symbol of promise for the everlasting love. White is the color of classics, and the color every single woman dreams of since they understand the meaning of love.


At Eve’s Philosophy, we based on business ideology and brand direction on wedding gowns exclusively for women. Our vision is to become one of the industrial leaders for wedding gowns exclusively for women, and to focus on brand interactive as well as listening to and respect our clients’ needs emotionally. We unite the strength of two famous gown designer and image consultant to continuously churn out trendy and elegant designs tailor made for women who are about to enter another happy stage of their lives.