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A) Our friendly retail consultants will provide our clients with all the alternatives and comparison details as well as the cost involved to ensure they make the best choice. Similar information is also available online for everybody’s convenience.

B) After appointment is done, our retail consultants will invite clients to fill in a standard order form, followed by either the selection of a photo-shooting date or to be selected subsequently.

C) Next step is deposit payment, which clients can choose between from cash payment, credit card or by bank transfer.

D) Photo-shooting appointment procedure is considered complete once our accounts department confirms the payment is finalized, and hand over the stamped payment receipt and appointment slip to clients.

– We urge our clients to allocate a 2 to 4 months pre-plan photo-shoot session as it would take that duration to complete the whole photo-shoot session.

– Appointment is to be made 1 month before, and especially early for weekends or holiday seasons. Kindly check and confirm date availability with our customer service department.

– Transportation service provided by Eve’s Philosophy only ferries clients back to our retail outlet and does not take our clients home nor for any other purposes.

– If clients need to change the appointment date due to personal reasons, kindly inform us one week before by latest, so that the date made vacant could be offered to other clients in the long waiting list, at the same time a new slot can be worked out for you.

– If unforeseen circumstances occur (such as rain, etc), both parties should re-schedule a new date to replace the shooting session.

– Photo-shooting session should be arranged and done within one year of deal confirmation (promotion details stated in the specific package will be carried out as pledged). Should clients fail to proceed for photo-shooting within one year of the order date, the deal will become invalid and deposit will not be refunded.

The work of art from Eve’s Philosophy is a well and carefully planned process, not just as mundane as a common system which requires a post and a quick snap of camera. We placed great attention on quality and not quantity. By assimilating our subject with her environment we are trying to create a bold but high quality work from a unique angle, all from the photographer’s shrewd sense at that spur of the moment. For that reason we require a little bit more time to produce that kind of masterpiece. Our suggestion is to tackle 8 gowns per day.

Storyline | Secret Garden

Storyline | Secret Garden

A) We urge clients to start preparing at the period between order confirmation and photo-shooting appointment. You can read more about bridal shoots preparation from our guidebook or visit our online customer service to have a better understanding.

B) Good preparation is every bit important, as it ensures a calm and smooth shooting session. Nothing is better than a happy heart when you want to record the most important moments in your life.

Preparation list for bride-to-be:

– Application of hydrating masks two weeks before your photo-shoot will help the skin to blend more perfectly with the make-up.

– Should prepare a pair of palely colored high heels.

– It is advisable not to try any new hairstyle one week before the photo-shoot. Re-coloring can be done to patch up uneven hair colors.

– Try to avoid too much water consumption two hours before sleep a day before photo-shoot to avoid swelling of the face due to water retention.

– Go to bed earlier for a fresher and more radiant look the next day.

– Women who wish to look nice and clean are encouraged to attend to the underarms before attending the photo-shoot.

– Keep your hair light and clean. Spare a set of colored contact lenses could help to enliven your eyes when needed.

Preparation list for groom-to-be:

– It is advisable not to try any new hairstyle one week before the photo-shoot, and avoid trimming the hair too. Don’t keep your hairstyle too short to avoid the bald effect under studio lightings.

– Please perform necessary self grooming by cleaning the face, have your facial hair shaved, nose hair and nail trimmed.

008 newA) Clients who have chosen long distance outdoor photo-shoot are required to be present at Eve’s Philosophy at 8am, whereas clients who have chosen indoor studio photo-shoot will be at 10:30am.

B) Make-up session will take around 2 hours.

C) Once outdoor photography is complete, the bride and groom together with the whole team will head straight back to Eve’s Philosophy.

Outdoor Photography Preparation List for Bride-to-be:

– Facial wipes or oil blotting paper are a necessity for those who have oily skin.

– Those who dislike the hot sun and temperature can bring along shades, umbrella, hats and flip flops.

– Spare a pair of pumps for travelling convenience.

– Memorable items such as engagement rings, diamond rings, romantic novels, photo albums and pictures, dolls and presents, pets, crystal glasses are useful display items to enhance photography effects.

– Put on a light colored detachable strap bra as well as light colored leggings which might prove useful if a pose should require the bride to sit on the ground or rocks in wedding gowns.

– Bring along your favorite accessories such as necklace, bracelet, ear rings, tiara, scarf and hats, etc. Eve’s Philosophy will also prepare such items for your usage nonetheless.

Outdoor Photography Preparation List for Groom-to-be:

– A pair of dark colored loafers with black and white socks each one pair.

– Spectacle case to keep your spectacles in case you need to store it away while taking photographs to prevent damage.

– Prevent wearing dark or flower print underwear so that they don’t show while wearing white color pants.

– Try to be on time for photo-shoot to avoid insufficient time.

– Have your meals to ensure you are always energetic while shooting.

– Try to maintain a joyous mood for your photo-shoot for better results.

– Eve’s Philosophy has a dedicated team of professionals including photographer, make up artists and assistants to serve you exclusively for the entire journey. They will not divert their attention to serve others during your own photo-shooting session.

– Outdoor photo-shoot requires a lot of good team work and co-operation between the subject and the working crew to ensure great result. Clients can inspect the photos immediately after the shoot and is allowed to make suggestions or request for re-shooting should they find any photos deemed unsatisfied.

– Clients are urged to inform the photographers if they felt tired and hence allowed to take a break.

– Clients are encouraged to rapidly inform our image consultants should they feel unsatisfied with the make-up.

007A) The crew from Eve’s Philosophy will convert the RAW files into JPEG format one day after the photo-shoot and then clients will be notified by our customer service to come for photos selection after one week.

B) Purpose of photos selection: It is our promise to clients that scenarios such as forcing clients to make additional photo purchase or the showing of intolerable behavior by our retail consultants when clients refuse to make any more purchase will not happen. To avoid any mix up or miscommunication, we advise clients to be present at our premise for photos selection.

C) Why photos selection is deemed necessary:

① Graphic designers are able to provide you their professional advices on photos touch up, besides that they are able also to understand your preference better by having a direct conversation with you.

② Your presence in our studio for photos selection could allow us to categorize properly and avoid confusion of specifications or miscommunication.

008 newA) After completing photos selection, our professional crew for final stage production will start work, taking approximately 30 to 40 for the entire tenure.

B) An appointment with client for photo viewing will be arranged there after.

C) If amendments are required, clients are invited to fill in a suggestion form and our crew will carry out the work exactly as stated in the abovementioned form. Amendment period requires at least 10 to 14 working days.

D) Arrangement for final production after amendments

– If clients need to have some of the photos to be produced in advance, kindly speak to our friendly retail consultants and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.

007 newA) After confirmation, the final produce will be completed within 30 working days.

B) From photo-shoot to collection of photos, the whole duration would commonly require around 2 to 4 months. Clients are reminded to have a time planning, and if you urgently need some finished products to be used in your wedding receptions you are welcome to inform our retail consultants as early as possible and we shall do all we can to ensure your request is met.

Why choose Eve Philosophy?

Marriage is not just a piece of paper to legalize the relationship. And wedding is not just a ceremony to announce your love. It is a journey to bring two stranger from bitter to sweet, a bitter & sweet process to prove your love. With this, Eve Philosophy brings a new element to our pre-wedding package. On top of indoor/studio, outdoor and overseas, we introduce Storyline theme to our pre-wedding package family. We will listen to the love story of the couple or plot a story for them and make a series of interesting shooting to reflect the story. With this storyline, what Eve Philosophy gives you is not only just a set of beautiful photos, yet it will be a set of memory that will last long in your mind. Memory of pre-wedding should not be created for you but with you.

Eve Philosophy aims to make your wedding day the most memorable day in your life.
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